Moving to Fallout: New Vegas Multi-Player Oct 24

Having just completed a plotline in Monaco, we taking a break from that game to try out the new multi-player mod for Fallout: New Vegas! This is one of our favorite games, and we’re looking forward to playing it together.

One item we’ll need to talk through is that VATS is not available in multi-player due to the need to pause the game for targeting. That may make things more challenging. Additionally, if you die, it seems like you’re reset to Level 1 and lose all your stuff on you corpse.

Monsters and NPC’s sync between our games, but not other game states. We’ll try some tests with Save/Load, as that may be one way around the death impact. But it should be great fun for at least a little while!

So come join us every Tuesday @ 7:30 PM Eastern and hang out with us!

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